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Driving In The Snow

Driving In The Snow

News channels this morning are showing flurries of snow all over the country, and this does not bode well for UK drivers, as our country is well known for coming to a halt when the cold weather starts.
Last year was the heaviest snowfall that the country had seen in eighteen years, and this year is polled to have a very similar weather pattern. But England is badly equipped for this tye of weather, and the best advice from officials is simply to stay put. If you really need to travel, you should ensure that you have lots of supplies in the car for an emergency situation; a bottle of water, a blanket and some food at the very least. Ts worth getting an in car phone charger too.
Ensure that before you make a journey you have a full tank of petrol, as you may need to alter your route and not be able to find a petrol station, or you may get stuck in traffic.
Be aware of black ice, and especially in the morning, frozen snow. If there has been a particularly bad fall the snow will start to melt in the day and the water will freeze at night, causing large lumps of ice coated snow, which is the most dangerous for cars.
Be prepared to cancel your trip, and don't be afraid to turn back if the conditions look too bad up ahead.
If you are driving in the snow, make sure you have Car Insurance.

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