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What Is The Easiest Dog To Own?

What Is The Easiest Dog To Own?

Your dog will become a great companion to you, but, your dog can also be a lot of work for you. There is no such a dog that requires no work from you, but choosing the right dog for you can keep your problems to a minimum.

So how do you know what is the easiest dog for you?

There really is no such thing as a very best dog breed everyone looks for something different in their pets depending on their own situation at the time. One example is, when my husband and I worked, we had two miniature long haired dachshunds, when my husband became disability retired and stayed home all day, we got a black lab and a golden retriever. The time was right!

Some breeds are better if you require a low maintenance dog. For example: Hounds, such as greyhounds and whippets, generally love to be a couch-potato, despite their talent for speed. They are also very mellow dogs, and great for adoption. Standard poodles have a great personality, are very smart and have a calm demeanor. Bonus! They do not shed. Hence, the fairly new breed of Doodle dogs, like a Labradoodle, or a Goldendoodle. Both these are crosses between the poodle and another breed, making them low maintenance in the grooming department.

Also low maintenance: pug, Shih Tzu, English cocker spaniel, but, be careful, some of these dogs need training to keep them from barking your neighbors into oblivion.

Keep away from breeds such as hunting breeds, herding breeds, or any working dog breed. Unless you are an active person, these dogs are not for you. They need lots of exercise and even mental stimulation. They are after all working dogs.

One way to have fewer problems is to adopt an adult dog that already comes housetrained, and even trained for many other activities. A dog that is two or three years old probably is already housebroken and no longer teething. That is what we did, we adopted a 3 year old black lab.

An older dog is also calmer than a puppy. And, Female dogs are easier to handle most of the time.

Where To Find A Dog

Go to your local Rescue Shelter, or Animal Shelter. These institutions work hard to match you with the right dog, and, they also look after their dog to make sure it goes to a good home. Adopting a dog is not for saving money; it's about saving a dog.

Another tip: Talk to breeders and to dog owners once you have decided what breed you want. People are more than happy to tell you about their pets.

Enjoy your journey with your new canine friend. A dog is a companion for life, especially if you put thought into the process before you acquire your dog.

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