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How To Have A Virus-Free PC?

How To Have A Virus-Free PC?

Have you asked yourself if there is a possibility that your computer will be a virus-free PC? Is it possible? My answer, well yes it is possible. If you'll just have a clean practice of different things. This article will discuss different practices that you should consider to prevent future virus infections on your PC.

These are the things that you should remember:

Virus can't infect your computer if you will not allow it. They are some strains of computer viruses that really infects the computer without your knowledge but usually viruses were installed explicitly by intentionally installing it to computers. Do you remember the Love Letter Virus? This virus can't infect the computer if the recipient of the email send by this strain of virus did not click the link on the email.
Prevention is better than cure. This saying is also applicable in dealing with viruses. You better get your PC equipped with the latest anti-virus or anti-malware programs. Having this on your computer will make your PC more secure compared to computers without anti-virus programs.
Firewall really prevents illegal intrusions of malicious being. Firewall is a program that blocks unwanted "beings" entering your premises. If other computers on your network were infected and if you have a firewall, these avoids your PC to get involved with this infection.
Software like Operating Systems and Anti-viruses need patches. From time to time viruses "evolved". Viruses can devised several ways of getting inside your PCs in the future and to cope with this, software developers usually provide security patches. This security patches are programs that "cure" security hole or problems on the programs. You should update your OS and AVs when it is needed.

These are just some of the things that you should remember. Try to read more from other sources. Having more information about virus will make you more understands the behavior of viruses.

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